The Washington DC Gay Basketball League is non 501(c)(3) nonprofit made up of NO paid employees, which means the organization would not be possible without volunteers. Volunteers make a huge difference in our organization. They provide the multi-faceted support and help needed to complete WDCGBL projects.The vital contributions of volunteers ultimately are what make the WDCGBL possible and brings the WDCGBL mission to fruition. If you do not play, but are interested in being involved with the league, we'd love to have you. Players are also encouraged to get involved as well. You can get involved in a number of ways.
  • Coaching and/or Managing Teams
  • Scorekeeping
  • Socials
  • Operations
  • Communication & Writing
  • Marketing
  • Event Planning
  • Setup/Cleanup (During the games)
If you have a special skill we might be able to utilize, let us know. 

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