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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the league formed?

In 2006, the DC Sentinels participated in its first international tournament in Amsterdam. In 2007,  a board was created. The League  was conceived and planned but was not initially in the organization focus. We wasnt sure there would be enough participation. In 2013, we realized the Inaugural Washington DC Gay Basketball League at George Washington University. (8 teams) 

In 2018, we started the Washington DC Women's Basketball League. (Division of the WDCGBL). We wanted to provided more options for Women to play Basketball at all levels.

When was the league formed?

The league was formed in the winter of 2013. The Women's Division (WDCWBL) was formed in the winter of 2018.

Do you have to be LGBTQ+ to play in the league?

No. The league fosters an athletic environment free of discrimination for members and friends of the LGBTQ+ community, which includes our straight allies. It also promotes positive values in our community and fights to eliminate negative stereotypes associated with LGBTQ+ athletics.

I identify as transgender, gender non-conforming or some variation; which league should I register for?

The League fosters a safe and welcoming environment to play basketball and build community.  All gender identities are recognized so we encourage you to register for whichever league you feel most comfortable competing in. We do not question which league players register for based on gender identity.

If my gender pronouns and/or identity is not being respected, what should I do?

If your gender identity is not being respected, we encourage you to address it with whomever you feel most comfortable: the individual(s) directly, your team captain and/or the Commissioners. Per the league's Code of Conduct policy, the League does not tolerate discrimination of any kind. Captains and board members are aware of the code of conduct and have been charged with upholding the league's mission.

How many levels are there?

There are 3 different levels,

  • A-Division: majority of players played in college and/or extremely competitively in high school; most competitive division
  • B-Division:  novice players who are working on further developing their playing skills; low level of competition (this is not for people who identify their intentions as recreational but are of a more skilled level) Player Evaluation will ultimately determine if the player fits in the B-Division)
  • Women's-Division: a female division of all skill levels of competition  

Note; If there not enough players per division, then divisions will be combined into one division.

Where are games held?

The Trinity Center at Trinity Washington University  Check the Visit the Locations tab above for additional information

What days and times are games held?

Games are held on Thursday nights.

How much does it cost to participate?

The cost of each season is different due to changing variables such as the number of players, the number of sponsors, length of the season, and the court cost.

Are there playoffs?

Yes. At the conclusion of each season the teams battle it out in playoffs to win their division championship.

Are there awards?

Yes. At the end of each season, each the Winner team receives a trophy and the Runner-Up team receives medals. These are given out at the End-of-Playoffs in the Gym.

Is there year-round play?

No. The league is in session for one seasons; Winter. Winter season starts in January. We are hoping to start a Summer League soon.

Are there social events?

Yes. We always have a season kickoff and  mid season party. There will also be various happy hours and social activities throughout the season, which you will be notified about from your team captain and commissioner's emails.

Do you have age requirements?

Yes. Per our required insurance policy, only players ages 18 and over are allowed to participate in the league.

How are the teams picked?

We ask players to describe their skill level and basketball experience on each season's registration form. All players are required to attend a Player Evaluation day, held a few weeks before the start of the season. There league captains get a sense for skill levels to make sure players are playing in the right divisions. Players are then chosen through a draft system by the league captains before the season begins.

Can my friend and I be on the same team?

The teams in our league are determined by a draft system, so being paired with a friend is not guaranteed. Our league is centered around building an inclusive place to play basketball and camaraderie, so we encourage all players (new and returning) to get to know their new teammates. Occasionally Captains allow picking of partners to be selected together, but there is no guarantees.

Are there practice sessions?

Unfortunately, there aren't practice sessions scheduled.

Is there open play?

Sometimes. Our open play are on Thursdays. Since the League is on Thursdays, there are no open play days.. We will try to offer other days during the Seasons. We send out email weekly on whether or not we will have Open Play during the same week.

How does one become a sponsor of a team?

The League is sponsored by a number of businesses around Washington D.C., and we are always looking for more opportunities to connect with the community. To inquire about sponsorship and its benefits, fill out the form here. We will 

How can I sponsor a player?

The League allows player sponsorship. If you would like to sponsor a player, please look under the Menu item "Support" and click the sub menu item Player Sponsorship. Thank you for supporting.

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